Kurdistan R-I | 2017

On the 25th of September 2017 the Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) held a referendum to vote for or against an independent state. The Iraqi government declared the referendum unconstitutional. In the aftermath a conflict arose on those ‚disputed areas’ claimed both by the KRG and the Iraqi Government after the defeat of the ‚Islamic State’ in Iraq.



Armed group take Kurdistan flag down in disputed town


PM Barzani: Iraq closing Kurdish airports amounts to ‘collective punishment
Iraqi MP: Like Israel, Kurdistan will cause years of war


Kirkuk planning for future with Kurdistan without full council support


UK MP: West must check Iran pushing Iraqis and Kurds towards war
Peshmerga Command: ‘Foreign-backed' Iraqi army, Shiite forces prepare to attack Kirkuk
PM Barzani calls on world to prevent war between Erbil and Baghdad


New US sanctions on IRGC could affect Kirkuk conflict: experts
Peshmerga, civilians alike defending Kirkuk from Iraqi and Shiite troops


Peshmerga: Reports of PKK in Kirkuk untrue, Qassem Soleimani join Shiite militia in region
Struggle for Independence: What Kurdistan can learn from the American experience
Iraqi forces take Kirkuk, lower Kurdistan flag


ISIS attacks two villages north of Kirkuk


UN: Thousands of people displaced from Kirkuk
Iraqi forces, Shiite militia control series of Peshmerga-held areas


A letter to a Kurdistani patriot
Iranian Khamenei's photos hang inside Kirkuk governorate building


Iraqi court issues arrest warrant for Kurdish Vice President Rasul
The bitter harvest of Kurdish divisions in Iraq


Iraqi army takes control of Batma, Ain Zala oil fields
President Barzani appeals to diaspora, int’l community for help
Report: Israel lobbies to see Kurds 'with means to protect themselves'


Human Rights Commission requests ceasefire within region
KRG warns of humanitarian crisis as people flee insecurity in disputed areas


Iran condemns protest outside consulate in Erbil, flag removal
Kurds in Kurdistan, Germany protest global silence on Kirkuk
Hezbollah claims Kirkuk a victory over US, Israel
KRG: Estimated 400 civilians killed, 200 missing in Kirkuk


Yezidi leader says Hashd forces not honoring agreement of entering Shingal
Tillerson: Kurdish expectations not met by Iraq, KRG boundaries must be respected
Hashd al-Shaabi unit takes position on Mount Shingal
KRG security council warns of Iraq troop deployment on its borders
Kurdish and French presidents discuss Erbil-Baghdad crisis
Oil prices increase amid Iraq conflict, decreased production in US
PM Barzani: Iraqi military operations hinder dialogue


UN offers to facilitate Erbil-Baghdad talks
UPDATE: Kurdish legislature votes to postpone elections, extend parliament term
Advanced power station in Erbil improves state of electricity in Kurdistan
Iran spoiled a plot to create second Israel in Iraq: Iranian official
Kurdish parties call for unity, provisional gov’t to prevent internal conflict
Peshmerga repel Iraqi forces attack in Makhmour
PUK opens investigation into ‘October 16 catastrophe’ in Kirkuk
KRG offers to freeze outcome of independence referendum to begin dialogue
Sulaimani-Iran borders expected to re-open on Wednesday


US welcomes Kurdistan offer to halt military ops, begin dialogue
UPDATED: Gorran will attend parliament session on Kurdistan presidency law
After Kurdish vote, time to quit media, time to lose faith in humanity
Ex-Trump aid says Obama's people continue to make Mideast policy
US Speaker Ryan to Iraq: Heed Secretary Tillerson about Iran-backed militias
Iraqi army retrieves destroyed Abrams tank to 'hide evidence' of its use
Iraqi courts accused of becoming tool to persecute political opponents
Peshmerga respond to, push back Iraqi militia attack near Zummar
BBC lodges complaint with UN over Iran's treatment of journalists
PUK warns of ‘chauvinistic grudges’ against Kurds by militias in Tuz Khurmatu


US ‘disappointed’ over continued Iraqi-Kurdish clashes
100 days on: Turkey continues to hold Amnesty chair Kilic
CORRECTED: Khamenei supports PM Abadi's moves to protect Iraq's unity
Left destitute: Tuz Khurmatu children main victim of Hashd takeover


US general: Iraqi tensions divert resources from IS fight
Iraqi, Kurdish military talks a ‘step in right direction’: Coalition
Saudi Arabia welcomes Erbil’s offer of dialogue with Baghdad


Hours after Iraqi takeover BP started operating Kirkuk oil
In Iraq-Kurd talks, final agreement pending Kurdish response: Iraqi general
Iraq’s Media and Communications Commission bans Rudaw
MSF: Iraq-Syria border closure would affect millions


Barzani stepping down as president, remaining a Peshmerga
Iran helped us against ISIS not int’l coalition: Iraq militia leader
Peshmerga, Iraqi army reach deal on Fish Khabur
The world will realize its mistake of abandoning Kurdistan


Breaking the silence on Kurdish rights
Iraqi, Kurdish military hold new round of talks at Fish Khabur
Iraqis remove destroyed Abrams tank from Prde to K1 base
Pro-independence Catalans: 'I've never felt Spanish'


EXCLUSIVE: Draft of Iraq-KRG agreement proposal on borders, forces


Tough questions on Kurdistan in the British House of Commons

The meaning of self-determination associated with the norms of human rights and democratic rights is adopted by some sub-state nationalist groups because there is an emerging international normative framework that perceives the use of this meaning of selfdetermination as legitimate. [...] Nationalist movements that derive their understanding of nationhood from ethnic and primordial conceptions use self-determination to seek democratic liberation. Achieving this aspiration entails international recognition as a distinct identity with a specific territory and exclusion of other identities from claims to that territory as a homeland. Sub-state separatist groups claiming their right to statehood through self-determination pitch the territory they claim as an ethnic territory, as a space to which they attach their identity and desire full control over it.